Biochar Plant for Sale

Biochar Plant for Sale

Invest in a Sustainable Future with This Cutting-Edge Biochar Plant in Alberta, Canada!

Are You Ready for a Green Business Venture?

If you're passionate about sustainability and eager to tap into a rapidly growing market, this is your moment. Introducing a high-performing Biochar Plant in Alberta, Canada, designed for the production of eco-friendly, sustainable products.

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Quick Details

  • Application: Pyrolysis
  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Continuous
  • Effective Volume: 13.5 CBM
  • Dimension (L_W_H): 12x6x3m
  • Voltage: Customer Required
  • Power: 32.7 kW
  • Certification: ISO
  • Weight: 18 tons
  • Raw Material: Hemp, crop residue, wood, etc.
  • Operation: Easy and safe
  • Capacity: 800-1000 KG/H
  • Working Time: 24 hours a day
  • Cooling Time: Immediately
  • Carbonization Time: 1 Hour feed stock dependent
  • Advantage: Continuous Working, Environmentally Friendly

Rotary Carbonization Furnace Details:

The rotary carbonization furnace features seven key components: feed inlet, carbonization part, smoke remover, gasifier, electric control cabinet, cooling equipment, and discharge tube.


  • Type: RH-800
    • Diameter (M): 0.8
    • Length (M): 10
    • Effective Volume (CBM): 5.02
    • Capacity (kg/h): 400-500
    • Total Power (kW): 32.7
  • Type: RH-1000
    • Diameter (M): 1
    • Length (M): 12
    • Effective Volume (CBM): 9.42
    • Capacity (kg/h): 800
    • Total Power (kW): 32.7
  • Type: RH-1200
    • Diameter (M): 1.2
    • Length (M): 12
    • Effective Volume (CBM): 13.56
    • Capacity (kg/h) Total Power (kW): 32.7

Additional Technical Specifications

Rotary Dryer

  • Type: 1500
  • Length of Rotary Dryer: 11 meters
  • Total Length: 20 meters
  • Diameter of Rotary (inner): 1.5 meters
  • Power of Rotary: 11 kW
  • Power of Fan: 18.5 kW
  • Capacity: 2 ton per hour
  • Size: 20×2×4 meter
  • Weight: 9500 kg
  • Thickness: 12 mm


  • Type: L6
  • Motor: 3 kW
  • Capacity: 40 cubic meters per hour
  • Size: 3.5×0.22×1.7 meter (L×W×H)

Box Dryer

  • Type: L6
  • Motor: 3 kW
  • Capacity: 40 cubic meters per hour
  • Size: Belt's Length: 6 meters, Width: 0.5 meters
  • Weight: 300 kg

What Makes This Biochar Plant Stand Out?

🌱 Prime Location

Situated in Alberta, an area well-known for its environmental sustainability and innovative agricultural practices, this biochar plant offers an ideal location for a business focused on green solutions.

🏭 Established and Fully Operational

This professionally managed plant ensures you won't have to start from scratch. While relocation closer to preferred feedstock is required, the transition will be seamless.

🔧 Efficient Technology

Equipped with efficient production technology, including continuous carbonization and rotary dryers, this plant promises high efficiency and premium biochar quality.

🌍 Sustainable Product

Biochar is acclaimed for enhancing soil health, sequestering carbon, and boosting agricultural productivity. With a rising demand for sustainable agricultural products, investing now is timely.

👥 Diverse Clientele

Serving farmers, landscapers, and environmental restoration projects, this plant quickly attracts a diversified and stable revenue stream.

📈 Massive Growth Potential

With global emphasis on carbon reduction and sustainable agriculture, this business offers significant growth opportunities.

Why Invest in This Biochar Plant?

🌿 Environmental Impact

Make a meaningful contribution to climate change mitigation. Investing in this biochar plant advances environmental sustainability and significant carbon reduction.

💸 Economic Potential

The rapidly growing biochar market offers lucrative profit opportunities and growth potential. Capture market share and thrive.

Financial Information

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If you're driven by a passion for sustainability and looking for a profitable business opportunity with immense growth potential, this biochar plant in Alberta, Canada, is the perfect fit. Don’t miss this chance to own a business that positively impacts the planet.

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